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Take a look of this list of possible question you may have.


I can't sign up
If you're not able to sign in, you can contact us, we could create the account for you, then ask you to change the temporary password.

My email is not valid ?
Please verify that your email address has NO uppercase character. Otherwise, contact us.

Content suggestion

How can I add my own games, reviews and more ?
Just go on the Content suggestion page and fill the form. A staff member will give you an answer soon.


Which software do you use ?
We use Xsplit Broadcaster and Open Broadcast.

What do you do in streams ?
Let's Play, Contest, Speedrun, Games, and more !

How can I appear in the streamer list ?
We don't plan to add more streamer to our list because it's a friendly list. If you are a member of our website since a long time and you already stream since a long time too, you can try to contact us, but, let's say that the chance of acceptation are pretty small.


What is a Star Member ?
A Star Member is like a Premium member. It's a member that deverse a bonus for his good attitude and his participation in the website development.

What are the advantage of being a Star Member ?
Star Member get a "hard to get" achievement. They have access to a exclusive smileys list for the livechat. They should be in priority on the queue for content suggestion and more. More advantage will be added in the future.

How to become a Star Member ?
If you have a lot of patience :
- Your account need to be at least 500 days old. Approximatively 1 year and half.
- Your account need to be level 25 with at least 400 points.
- You need to have suggested a lot of content to help the website.
- Never been banned for any reason.
- Being a old friend can help, but not that much.
This rank is given by the Webmaster when he think that a member deserve it.


How to access the GameZone
By the main menu, or in the user panel.

How to see my Cards collection ?
You can see all your cards in your TCG Collection in the GameZone menu.

How to obtain cards ?
Actually, you can win cards by playing with the auctions. Each day, the best bid is the winner. You can also win a card randomly with your daily login. You can also buy card sold by other members.

How to win coins ?
You receive 50 coins every daily login. You can also win coins by suggesting contents or talking in the livechat. Another great way to get coins is by selling cards that you already own more than once.

What are the symbols at the bottom right of a card
Each card has a symbol that give you the rarety of the card. A circle is a common card, a diamond is a uncommon card and a star is a rare card. Every card with a different symbol than these 3 symbols are ultra-rare card that appear less often than rare card.

What is the drop rate of each rarety level ?
Common : 55.0%
Uncommon : 35.0%
Rare : 9.5%
Ultra-rare : 0.5%


What is Tashiroworld ?
Tashiroworld is a french website created by Tashiro from Canada. At the beginning the website was only for the RpgMaker project : 1 RPG Sans Nom. Then the website became Chaos-Galaxy and then one year later, it became Tashiroworld. The website is mainly a independant games sharing site with video content, streaming, surveys, vlogs, chronicles and more !

I would like to be in the staff
Unfortunately for you, Tashiroworld doesn't take any request because the website is not popular enough.

Unanswered question ? Contact us !

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